Welcome to the Waitrose Communications Portal

The Waitrose Communications Portal for Sustainable Agriculture highlights the relationships between Waitrose, its suppliers, growers of fresh produce and a range of research providers concerned with the sustainable production and supply of food products.

We are living in an increasingly turbulent world with key issues of climate change, population growth and resources affecting how supermarkets like Waitrose source food. With such global pressures this web site sets out one part of the Waitrose response based on collaboration with suppliers and growers.

This web site describes the work of The Waitrose Agronomy Group, The Waitrose Farm Assessment programme, our key science collaborators, and research projects.

This website is hosted by Lancaster University, who through Distinguished Professor Bill Davies co ordinate and lead the Waitrose response.

The primary objective of this site is to inform growers around the world of the best practice and to demonstrate a step-change in a broad range of agricultural practices. We believe that each farm is unique and our role is therefore to stimulate evidence based change and sustainable development. One vehicle for this is our  network of Waitrose Demonstration farms, which will as far as possible define the term ‘sustainable intensification’.

We have a number of unique farming challenges due to the diversity of the methods of production from glass house, root and surface field crops, uncovered and covered tree crops, bush crops and soft fruit. However we believe the principles of sustainable agriculture can be applied to all production types. This site covers our fresh produce supply chain but within that is whole farm based, excluding livestock.

The Foresight Report on The Future of Food and Farming was published. It raised a number of challenges for us all about sustainability, yields, population growth and world resources.

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